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Domainquire was created in 2010. Before then I had been dabbling in the business of domains for more than a decade. I always had too many eggs in too many baskets to properly make a go of this on my own. I tried marketplace after marketplace, but none really impressed me.

Now instead of my original blog, which can still be found at Domainquiry.com, I have a nicely-designed storefront managed by Efty that more easily and securely integrates Buy Now buttons for Payoneer, Escrow.com, or PayPal. Just prior to Efty, I worked with another marketplace that had similar features, but I was long looking for a service with better value.

Now I have a renewed focus on this business. It's something I've always been intrigued by and saw potential in. My dream is becoming reality. Make yours a reality, too, with a domain name that reflects your business, or let one of these names be an inspiration for your next great idea.